Future of Substation Physical Security

19 Apr 2018
C. Stiegemeier, G. Becker, J. Kappenman
Pat Ervin
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Compact High Voltage Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) coupled with underground transmission can effectively and economically build energy bunkers as opposed to large traditional Air Insulated Substations (AIS) requiring fortress like protection (exterior and interior 8-20' walls with interlocking gating, curved roadways, anti-drone capability, extensive high intensity lighting and camera systems, forward looking radar, mantraps, annual first responder training and security guards). This panel will present resilient solutions: hiding substations and switchyards underground or in a building; digital solutions enabling predictive asset health and performance; a program to significantly reduce the risk and rapidly repaid/replace/harden transformers; and new solar storm and EMP mitigation solutions providing simpler and lower cost approaches to hardening against those threats.

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