T&D 2018: PS24 - New Operation and Planning tools/models for High PV Penetration Grids

23 Apr 2018
S. Kiliccote, N. Samaan, M. Reno, B. Hodge, A. Flueck
Guohui Yuan
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Pages: 85
This panel will present the latest tools developed or under development by national labs and research institutes funded by the DOE Sunlamp Program and will include topics such as an overview of the DOE Sunlamp Program; a tool suite for improving grid performance and reliability of combined transmission-distribution with high solar penetration; enabling high penetration of distributed PV through the optimization of subtransmission voltage regulation; rapid QSTS simulations for high-resolution comprehensive assessment of distributed PV; opportunistic hybrid communications systems for distributed PV coordination; and visualization and analytics of distribution systems with deep penetration of distributed energy resources (VADER).

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