T&D 2018: PS22 - Synchrophasor Technology in Distribution Systems

23 Apr 2018
S. Hendabadi, D. Gabel, A. McEachern, Y. Liu, S. Murphy, E. Udren
Farnoosh Rahmatian
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Deployment of synchrophasor technology has seen significant growth in the electric power transmission systems in the recent years. The use of synchrophasor technology in distribution systems is, however, in its very early stages. The business case for deployment of synchrophasor systems with high accuracy and large volume of data for distribution applications is more challenging than that for transmission applications. This panel will look into recent developments in synchrophasor technology for distribution applications; discuss several applications of interest including topology detection, grid modeling, post-mortem analysis, fault location, falling conductor protection, detecting cyberattacks and microgrid controls; and address recent deployment efforts and challenges, including PMU placement strategy, integration with and support of other applications that do not necessarily need, but can benefit from, synchrophasor measurements, as well as other infrastructure support challenges.
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