T&D 2018: PS9 - Power Quality and EMC Issues Associated with Future Electricity Networks

17 Apr 2018
F. Zavoda, B. Howe, T. Laughner, M. Humayun
Francisc Zavoda
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The increasing complexity of the electric power network and its management, growing demand and service quality expectations such as greater grid reliability, efficiency and security, as well as environmental and energy sustainability concerns have triggered the next major step in the evolution of the electric power system towards a flexible power network or "Smart Grid". To achieve this result requires the implementation of new technologies in power systems, including renewable energy sources (RES), distributed generation (DG) and the latest information and communication technologies. Power quality is an important aspect of the power system which cannot be neglected and adequate power quality guarantees the necessary compatibility between consumer equipment and the grid. This panel will include five presentations which conclude the activities of the CIGRE/CIRED Working Group C4.24 on these topics.

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