T&D 2018: PS6 - Techniques used by Utilities to Review their Outage Data

17 Apr 2018
J. McDaniel, A. Hofman, T. Thomas, H. Caswell
John McDaniel
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Focus on reliable power delivery has intensified over the last two decades. More and more customers expect that their power will be on all the time. Events on the distribution system account for the vast majority of all interruption events (depending on which measure used it is calculated at over 95% of all interruption events; on some systems, the distribution system is the source of close to 99% of all events). In order to analyze interruption data preparatory to scoping any necessary improvements, the interruption event records need to be accurate. This panel will look at different utilities practices and techniques of reviewing their interruption events to ensure the accuracy of the interruption data. Besides investor owned utilities, cooperative power providers, rural electric providers and municipal providers will be represented.

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