T&D 2018: PS5- Overhead Transmission Line Uprating and Upgrading

17 Apr 2018
O. Lynch, J. McCall, D. Wabnegger, D. Bryant
Jose Daconti
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This panel will address overhead line uprating and upgrading feasibility and the major feasibility aspects to be taken into account before deciding to go ahead with an uprating or upgrading project. Lecture #1 (Computer Aided Overhead Line Upgrading) will present state-of-theart computational resources available to the process of overhead line upgrading. Lecture #2 (Overhead Line Uprating via Real Time Thermal Rate Monitoring) will demonstrate proven techniques and hardware for the thermal uprating of overhead lines. Lecture #3 (Outage-Free Overhead Line Reconductoring) will introduce live line techniques for the reconductoring of overhead lines. Lecture #4 (Advanced Materials for Overhead Line Reconductoring) will focus on the engineering aspects associated with the application of new conductor materials for increasing the power transfer capability of overhead lines.

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