T&D 2018: PS17 - Superconducting Systems: Effective Solutions for the Modernization of Power Grids

17 Apr 2018
F. Frentzas, M. Stemmle, R. Ryu, M. Ross
Dietmar Steinbach
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Significant progress has been achieved in the development of power applications for high temperature superconducting (HTS) technologies, in particular power cables and fault current limiters. Several pilot projects for both applications have been energized, with several installations in constant operation for years. The technologies are now regularly evaluated as solution alternatives for many power system projects and challenges. In particular, the application of medium voltage HTS systems as replacement for conventional high voltage cable systems is often attractive, both technically and commercially. HTS cables provide increased power density with negligible thermal impact on the environment, resulting in solutions that are more compact than conventional cables, require smaller rights of way, simpler installation and ultimately reduced substation footprints. These features are especially valuable in congested urban areas where smaller ROWs and substations are extremely desirable. An overview of experience with existing installations and an outlook of upcoming projects are presented in these panel slides.

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