T&D 2018: PS12 - Reliance and Cost-Effective Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: Technologies, Pilot Projects and Challenges

17 Apr 2018
D. Black, S. Kahrobaee, Y. Nanpeng, Y. Wang
Bin Wang
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Integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and renewable generations, etc. into the power grid poses many technological challenges on communication, control, optimization, data analytics and power electronics. Advanced algorithms that improve the cost-effectiveness and reliability of the DER integrations have been proposed, however, there exist clear gaps among the academia utilities and vendors. Handling the intermittence of DERs and uncertainties of consumer behaviors remain a challenging task. This panel will discuss the most recent DER integration technologies and projects in the perspectives of academia, utilities and vendors with an objective to present new findings and lessons learned that bridge the gaps in DER integration projects; specifically: data analytics, solar PV adoption forecast, distributed DER management strategies, service infrastructure, and real-world DER integration projects at Alameda County, UCLA campus and City of Santa Monica.

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