Integrating Smart Grid Demonstration Sites into Power and Energy Education

05 Aug 2014
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Transmission and Distribution Committee
Seth Blumsack
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University campuses and other specialized sites are increasingly being utilized as "living laboratories" to demonstrate the integration of advanced distribution system components, technologies and operational strategies. Demonstration sites funded through the DOE-STEPS and ARPA-E programs are federally supported examples for the U.S., but the living- laboratory approach is being adopted globally and with a variety of sources of support. These demonstration sites are generating large amounts of data that have clear value for research, but also have substantial potential to provide unique educational test beds and training grounds for students at all educational levels (including K-12 and vocational training). Scholars involved in Smart Grid demonstration sites will describe innovative educational opportunities that have leveraged these sites. Other presentations will describe curricular or experiential education innovations at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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