GridTech project session

05 Aug 2015
H. Auer, A. L'Abbate
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The development of adequate transmission infrastructures and grid-impacting technologies plays more and more a crucial role to foster the integration of renewable energy sources (RES). Towards the achievement of the European Union's ambitious renewable energy targets for 2020, 2030 and beyond, the main objective of the European IEE project named GridTech (Innovative grid-impacting technologies enabling a clean, efficient and secure electricity system in Europe, is to conduct a fully integrated assessment of new grid-impacting technologies and their implementation into the European electricity system. This will allow comparing different technological options towards the exploitation of the full potential of future electricity production from RES, with the lowest possible total electricity system cost. At the GridTech session at IEEE PowerTech 2015, in addition to project overview, several results of both the pan-European analysis and some regional (Irish, Italian) case studies will be presented and discussed.

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