05 Aug 2014
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Microgrid Operations and Control Use Case Smart Grid Technology for Resilient Community Resiliency of Power Systems by Enhancing Microgrid Capabilities Assessment of Economic and Environmental Value Streams of Microgrid Use Cases Assessment of Reliability and Performance of Microgrid Use Cases toward Meeting the Defined Objectives Microgrid Business Cases in Meeting the DOE Program Targets On Sustainable Design and Management of Microgrids Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) Residential Transactive Control Field Results Real-Time Microgrid Power Management and Control with Distributed Agents Evaluations of Smart Power Applications at NREL DOE Program Goals and Metrics for Resilient Distribution Systems The Evolving Role of a Regulator Planning Microgrids for Resilience and Grid Operations Support Microgrids as a Resiliency Resource

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