Issues, Observations and Lessons Learned from US ARRA-funded Smart Grid

05 Aug 2014
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Joe Paladino
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A Compelling Example of the Value of Distributed Resources for Demand Response
Preparing for Greater Penetration through Advances in the Grid, Distributed Energy Resources and Modeling
Challenges and Solutions for Wind Integration in ERCOT
Integration of Distributed Energy Resources Using Transactive Control
Systems Integration at a Small Utility - Where Even the Best-Laid Plans Can Sometimes Falter
Next Next-Generation Utility IT Architectures
Enabling Smart Grid Functions through End-to-End Systems Interoperability
CVR/VVO as an Energy Efficiency Resource: a New Business Case for a Proven Technology
Peak Demand Management through Conservation Voltage Reduction
Conservation Voltage Reduction - Quantifying Savings
American Electric Power's Experience with Volt/Var Optimization

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