01 Mar 2015
Xianjun Zhang, MISO
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Increasing environmental concerns and policies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels have stimulated interest in the area of power and energy system applications at both wholesale/bulk power and retail/distribution levels. This session will feature speakers that are renowned experts from industry, research labs, and academia in the fields of energy storage, smart grids, renewable energy integration, and electricity market. They will address issues from the viewpoints of national importance, technology, cost-benefits and regulation by sharing approaches, insights, best practices, recommendations and lessons gained through the deployment of various technologies, field test results and simulation studies under smart grid paradigm, such as those associated with microgrid operation, charging/integration with smart grid, advanced market models and products, control strategies and information management. This panel will update the audience with presentations on key technologies and projects that are driving power and energy system applications to improve grid efficiency, reliability, and economics. Speakers: Guohui Yuan, Technology Manager, US Department of Energy Lawrence E. Jones, Vice President, Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience at Alstom Grid Jianhui Wang, Section Manager, Advanced Power Grid Modeling, Argonne National Laboratory Babak Asghari, Research Staff Member, Energy Management Department, NEC Laboratories America, Inc. Ning Lu, Associate Professor, NC State University Stephan Koch, Senior Researcher, Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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