01 Mar 2015
Mani Venkata and Jayant S. Kumar, Alstom Grid
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The past two decades have witnessed unprecedented investments in the growth of ?Smart/Eco? cities, towns, universities and industries. The primary goal has been to achieve net zero ecological impact while providing the best performance. Some of these efforts focused on multiple civilian infrastructures, including electrical networks. Others concentrated on the electrical infrastructure to achieve the highest level of performance in reliability, power quality, safety, security and customer satisfaction. Recently an additional focus has been to create microgrids to improve network resiliency. These developments have been, and are occurring, in several countries around the world. The panelists will share experiences in converting their respective cities and communities into smart ones. Speakers: Laurent Schmitt, Vice President of Smart Grid Solutions at ALSTOM Grid Terry Mohn, General Microgrids Institute (GMI), Title: The Role of Microgrids in the Smart City Chris Marney, MgDoM Will Agate, Senior Vice President, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)
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