01 Mar 2015
Dan Ton, US Department of Energy
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The U.S. electric grid is aging, inefficient, increasingly vulnerable to natural and man-made threats, and not readily capable of integrating large amounts of dynamic generation sources and loads. Modernizing the electric grid to address these challenges is a key strategy of the DOE to support its objective of a more economically competitive, environmentally responsible, secure and resilient U.S. energy infrastructure. R&D needs for grid modernization have been formulated by the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium, a strategic partnership between the DOE and its National Laboratories. The panelists will present the needs and their development, as well as the steps to finalize the needs for planned fulfillment Speakers: Jeff Dagle, PNNL ? Systems Operations and Control Ben Kroposki, NREL ? Devices and Integrated Systems Tom King, ORNL ? Sensing and Measurement Juan Torres, SNL ? Security and Resilience John Grosh, LLBL ? Design and Planning Tools

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