01 Mar 2015
Farrokh Rahimi, OATI
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The electric industry landscape is undergoing significant changes, requiring new distribution operation structures, procedures and tools, and new products and services at wholesale and retail levels. Two major complementary developments are gaining momentum to help address these needs, namely, the Transactive Energy framework and the new Distribution System Operator (DSO) construct. The DSO construct expands the role of the distribution utility operator into a facilitator of retail markets and transactive exchanges while ensuring reliable distribution system operation. Transactive commodities at the retail level need not be limited to energy, but may also include energy derivatives as well as transport rights similar to their wholesale counterparts. This panel session addresses these issues with a view to technical, operational, regulatory, and organizational challenges and opportunities. Speakers: Panel Chair, ?Opening Remarks: Changing Utility Industry Landscape Drivers? Doug Kim and Robert Sherick, SCE, ?New Utility Business and Operations Models? Lorenzo Kristov, CAISO, ?New Distribution System Operator Construct? Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting, ?Emerging Distribution and Prosumer Side Products and Services? Ali Ipakchi and Farrokh Albuyeh, OATI, ?Decision Support Tools for the Emerging DSO Construct and Transactive Paradigm Shift? Ning Lu, NC State University, ?Enabling technologies for End-to-End Transactive System Operation from Retail to Wholesale? Ron Melton, PNNL, ?Transactive Control and Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources, End Devices, and Systems? Fred Fletcher BWP, ?Transactive Control for Grid Balancing and Frequency Management?

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