01 Mar 2015
Amir Fazeli, Alstom Grid
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Slides: 60
The integration of renewable resources and electrification of heat and transport is driving power system operation to its limits, requiring intelligent, active management of flexible resources within the distribution network. This session will explore novel algorithms and control techniques for integrating DERs, load shedding frequency/voltage control in microgrids, and optimal power flow; application of power electronic converters within the distribution network, static VAR compensators, and normally soft open points; coordinated distribution protection, fault detection, isolation and restoration; and Communications infrastructure, live monitoring and communication technologies. Speakers: Laurent Schmitt, Vice President of Smart Grid Solutions at ALSTOM Grid Kevin Schneider, Researcher, Pacific Northwest Laboratory Ron Ambrosio, IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO, Smarter Energy Research Julio Aguero, Quanta Technology

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