Research Needs for Transforming the Grid Edge

28 Feb 2019
L. Slezak, A. Hahn, K. Rajashekara, E. Mallada
David Copp
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Transformational changes in the future energy systems are driving changes in multiple sectors including the electric power grid, transportation, and buildings. The intersection of the electric power grid with these other sectors is often called the �Grid Edge.� The common themes of change in the Grid Edge are electrification, decentralization, and digitalization. The way in which emerging technologies will affect the Grid Edge, how these sectors will interact in the future, and the associated challenges and opportunities are the topics of this panel session. Specifically, we aim to answer the questions: What currently emerging technologies will be prevalent in the next ten years? What changes need to take place in the Grid Edge to accommodate and effectively utilize these new technologies? What are the research questions that need to be answered before these changes can take place? Of particular interest will be the future developments, and interactions between, the following topics: 1) Electrification of the transportation sector 2) Behind-the-meter technologies with bi-directional communication (smart meters, smart loads, rooftop solar, EVs, battery storage) 3) Distributed control, sensing, data, computation challenges and opportunities 4) Foundational changes required for off-grid and micro-grid scenarios

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