The Evolution of Microgrid Controls: From Early Adoption to Grid of the Future

28 Feb 2019
V. Vallem, A. Guzman, L. Roald, Y. Maximov
Feng Qiu
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Recent extreme weather events have highlighted the importance and urgency of enhancing power grid resilience. Although resilience is generally recognized as the capability to anticipate, absorb, adapt to, and rapidly recover from disruptive events, there is not much consensus on the precise definition and quantitative measures for resilience. In this panel, we attempt to address resilience measures and modeling from a data analytics point of view. It will include a discussion on the fundamentals and some key ingredients in grid resilience by bringing perspectives from academia, research labs, industry, and governmental agencies. We hope to help our audience take the first crack at answering the following questions: What does grid resilience mean exactly? What are the metrics to evaluate resilience? What are the resilience enhancement strategies and how optimization and data analytics can help?

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