Smart Grid Testing and Certification Needs and Challenges

20 Feb 2018
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The current trend of grid modernization including the increased deployment of renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), and distributed intelligence and control at the grid edge is changing the emphasis and needs for testing and certification of grid devices and systems. The architecture of the grid is evolving from a centralized system to a more distributed system. This transformation is changing the landscape for smart grid testing and certification. DER test programs are needed to assure conformance to relevant standards to ease integration and ensure the reliability and resiliency of the system. An important consideration in DERs deployments is a non-traditional ownership model where the utility may or may not own the DER assets. The new ownership model introduces new stakeholders for testing and certification programs such as third-party providers and end-use customers. Another important aspect of the evolving grid architecture is the intelligent devices at the edge. With the introduction of smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, grid edge devices add additional capabilities to a system. However, they introduce new vulnerabilities and integration challenges that can be addressed through robust testing and certification programs. This panel session will discuss the testing and certification needs for DERs and grid edge devices to ensure reliability and provide a case study to highlight the need for industry consensus conformity assessment programs.
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