Grid Edge Resilience and Control Technologies with Microgrids and Self-Healing Functions

25 Apr 2017
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Modern power systems are encountering significant changes due to the emerging of dynamic sources and loads, which further brings about the challenges of reliability, safety and control issues in the operation. The introduction and existence of DERs and DGs in electric grids has enabled but also resulted in problems with microgrid operation. With a vision into the future, these technologies are inevitably becoming critical in the power system: a) microgrid control, b) power system robustness/self-healing, and c) grid edge intelligence. This panel will cover the topics of how to enable a resilient operation of power system with the optimal balancing of these technologies. By covering this, multiple areas are to be discussed under the same scope, including future protection techniques, smart edge devices,microgrid controllers, and self-healing grid architectures.
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