Provision of Grid Services from Microgrids: Challenges, Opportunities, and Risks

25 Apr 2017
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The energy industry landscape is changing due to the increased penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), new technologies, and increased demand-side participation in retail and wholesale markets. These lead to operational challenges for bulk power and distribution operators, as well as prosumers, including Microgrid operators. This panel session will address the opportunities, challenges, and risks of using Microgrid capabilities to provide grid services for bulk power and distribution operation. The panelists will cover the following topics: Impact of DERs and Renewable Generation on Bulk Power and Distribution Operations and Utility Business, Role of Microgrids in the Changing Energy Landscape: Economics, Reliability, and Resiliency Enhancement, Challenges and Opportunities for Provision of Grid Services from Microgrids, and Illustrative Business Case Examples.

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