Smart Grids Projects and Experiences

13 Dec 2015
Renato Cespedes (Rconsulting Group, Brazil)
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Active power loss minimization in the santa cruz and baltra hybrid energy system using particle swarm optimization
Augusto F. Porras-Ortiz (Universidad Nacional de San Juan & UNSJ-CONICET, Argentina); Jonathan Layedra (National Polytechnic School, Ecuador); Hugo A Politecnica Nacional Quito Ecuador, Ecuador)
Smart Area Aachen - In Field Test of Meter Placement and State Estimation Algorithms for Distribution Grids
David Echternacht (RWTH Aachen University & Institut fur Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft (IAEW), Germany); Muriel Franken (RWTH Aachen Unive Uwe Geulen (Stadtwerke Aachen Aktiengesellschaft, Germany); Werner Feilhauer and Werner Schrieder (PSI AG, Germany); Peter Zimmer (STAWAG, Germa (IAEW, Germany)
Smart Management of Transmission Network in UTE
Julian Malcon, Gabriel Sardi, Elias Carnelli and Ricardo Franco (Usinas y Trasmisiones Electricas del Estado - UTE, Uruguay) A Statistical Analysis of EV Charging Behavior in the UK
Jairo Quiros-Tortos and Luis Ochoa (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom); Becky Lees (EA Technology Limited, United Kingdom) Future Grid Business Model Innovation: A Prosumer-Based Cost-Benefit Framework for Valuation of Distributed Energy Resources
Marcelo Sandoval (Georgia Institute of Technology & ProsumerGrid, USA)

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