Impact on Power Systems & Stability (Part 2)

13 Dec 2015
Jay Giri
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Slides: 71
Optimal Placement of Voltage Sag Monitors in Smart Distribution Systems:Impact of the Dynamic Network Reconfiguration
Jairo Blanco­Solano and Johann Petit (Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia); Gabriel Ordóñez­Plata (Universidad Industrial de Santander & UIS, C On the Integrated PV Hosting Capacity of MV and LV Distribution Networks
Andrea Ballanti and Luis Ochoa (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom) Analysis of the Impact of New Power Sources to Voltage Sags Using Zbus
Cassio Bortolosso and Roberto Chouhy Leborgne (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) CPS1­compliant Economic Dispatch for a Single Balancing Authority System
Sebastian Carrasco and Hector Chavez (Universidad de Santiago, Chile)

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