The Evolving HVDC Grid in Europe and Related Activities

28 Sep 2018
T. Sennewald, S. Chatzivasileiadis, H. Koch, C. MacIver
A. K. Marten, D. Westermann
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The energy revolution in Europe places new requirements on the transmission grid. If it comes to large scale wind power integration in the north of Europe, as well as bulk solar power production in south, long distance bulk power transmission becomes integral part of an entirely new power system where new controllable devices will operate to make transmission smarter and more efficient. In the last consequence, a new network layer based on HVDC technology may arise which is referred to as an overlay grid in Europe. This session is about activities carried out in Europe and focusing offshore HVDC grids, recent HVDC projects in Europe as well as on meshed HVDC grids in terms of visions, technology and operational issues.

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