Upgrading IEEE Standard 115 to Reflect New Testing Approaches and Emerging Sensing Technologies

17 Sep 2018
H. Karmaker, E. Bortoni, S. Umans
H. Karmaker, I. Kamwa
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IEEE Std 115-2019 is currently in its final drafting stage. It incorporates and updates virtually all contents of the 2009 edition. The panel will allow each chapter leader of the EMC-WG 115 to first recall the content of existing clause and then introduce the new ideas developed for adapting IEEE std 115-2009 to the new technology environment and changing needs of synchronous generators manufacturers, utilities and regulators. Giving the timeliness of the subject for the different stakeholders involved in grid modernization, full consideration will be given pert-unit system definition and to new techniques for cross-validation of machine parameters from different tests and analysis methods, including load rejection tests and frequency response tests. Application of the latest sensors technologies to provide new options to test engineers for improving the accuracy while reducing test duration will also be addressed by the panelists.

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