Solar Power Plant Grounding System Design Practices

29 Aug 2018
A. Shah, R. Schaerper, J. Brown
R. Schaeper, T. Key
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Pages: 60
Utility scale photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Plant (SPP) design typically results in a very large and complex grounding system. An accurate knowledge of the performance of the interconnected grounding system requires detailed analysis in software, taking into consideration varying soil conditions and faults through different areas of the SPP. Similarly, the size of the grounding system introduces challenges. The panel will discuss some of the factors that must be considered, limitations on existing analytical methods, and presents general guidance based on typical industry practice and code requirements in this new but evolving field. This Panel Session discusses the many challenges faced by the design engineer to provide an effective solar power plant grounding system with the focus on personnel safety. The following topics are covered: a. Overview or Grounding Design for Solar Power Plants b. Challenges with Solar Power Plant Grounding c. Industry Practices with Relationship to Solar Plant Grounding d. Analytical Approaches and Use of Software for Solar Power Plant Grounding

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