Resources for K-12 Outreach Activities

05 Aug 2011
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Power and Energy Education Committee
A. Srivastava, J. E. Tate
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This panel aims at providing an overview of available resources for K-12 outreach activities. Outreach activities are targeted at K-12 students, guidance counselors, teachers, parents and the general public to increase the awareness and image of the power engineering profession. This is necessary to provide a solution for the workforce problem with an aging workforce and with ongoing modernization of the electric power system. Goal of this panel is to also provide ideas to young faculty members for outreach activities needed for providing broader impacts of research proposals. Some of the objectives of the panel are to:

  • Providing details of specific ongoing outreach activities related to K-12 research experience for teachers (RET), interactive lessons using java applet, transportation electrification education and wind for school activities.
  • Provide evaluation plan for outreach activities specific to use of distribution power flow tools
  • Provide overview of pre-university power engineering outreach resources.
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