Measuring Market Efficiency in Power Systems Operations - Transmission Perspective

05 Aug 2011
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Power System Operations
H. Chen, L. Barroso
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The economical value of transmission outage scheduling and topology configuration in the wholesale electricity market needs to be reemphasized. Dispatchers have proved the effectiveness of applying "no-cost" switching solutions for congestion management, and hence, improving operation efficiency, and achieving perfect dispatch. Marketers are requesting transparent and efficient transmission topology scheduling for risk management. Applying transmission facilities as controllable resources in the energy market is not only a long time research topic, but also prudent solution in the future smart grid operations. However, the risk factors and market implications of applying transmission network reconfiguration as flexible operation resources needs to be investigated. This panel will review industry practices and business cases on the transmission perspective to contribute to increase market efficiency in power systems operations. Experiences and foresights around this focus will be brought in by panelists.

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