Smart Dispatch with Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources: Business Models, Methodology and Incentives

05 Aug 2013
Sponsored by:
Power System Operations Committee
X. Wang, A. Papalexopoulos
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Due to Smart Grid initiatives and the need to provide balancing services to Variable Energy Resource, such as Wind and Solar, more and more Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are becoming available. In this panel smart dispatch and scheduling methodologies for DR and DER will be discussed. Various DR business models with emphasis on the residential market will be analyzed. We'll discuss various business models for aggregating DR capacity and biding it into the wholesale markets as a 'negative power generator' with the use of advanced analytics to predict customer behavior and drive messaging and pricing. Finally, emerging DR technologies, based on distributed computing stochastic control that are voluntary, very precise on an aggregate basis, and can form the foundation for effective and accurate DR management will be presented.

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