On-Line Condition Monitoring - Value for the Future Grids

05 Aug 2013
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N. Fantana
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In recent years there has been an increased interest in on-line condition monitoring (OLCM) devices and systems, for better network and asset life management, for making future networks more reliable and available. OLCM challenges include data collection, data analysis, security and robustness, device lifetime, but also: integration in existing utility systems, device maintenance and obtaining value from monitoring investment. The session will address the above focusing on 2 preferential topics 1. On-line condition monitoring applications - experience and value 2. Chances, challenges and synergies in the view of future grids and new technologies. The session will bring together experts from utility, manufacturers and research, to share their OLCM experience and best practices, to find synergies and to look together to future developments, technologies and potential. Speakers and participation from various areas in PES dealing directly or supporting OLCM are expected: substation and equipment, protection and control, communication and IT.
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