Modeling of Cascading Power System Events in an Integrated EMS/DSA Environment - User Requirements and State of the Arts

05 Aug 2013
Sponsored by:
Power System Operations Committee
Z. Yao, V. Vinnakota
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In order to increase the situational awareness for real-time operations in control centers, more and more utilities have installed various real-time tools for power system security assessment. The main stream of these tools is still model-based methodology, which rely on the accuracy of the models of system events among other models. Therefore, system event modeling plays a crucial role in evaluating the impacts of potential cascading outages for increasing situational awareness. The objective of the panel is to provide a platform for users/vendors to share experiences on modeling cascading system events in an integrated EMS/DSA environment. To achieve this, the panel will invite EMS/DSA users who are using EMS/DSA in control centers for real-time operations. They will be encouraged to prepare the panel presentation with vendors to cover details about the modeling processes and the state-of-the-arts.

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