FERC Order 1000 -Regional and Interregional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation

05 Aug 2013
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Power System Analysis, Computing, Economics Committee
C. Mensah-Bonsu
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FERC Order 1000 - Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation by Transmission Owning and Operating Public Utilities sets out policy and requirements for grid planning at the regional level, cost allocation of new transmission facility solutions, non-incumbent developers, and compliance in regions with open competitive electricity markets as well as those with regulated electricity pricing. It also provides opportunities for competitive solicitation by stakeholders in the identification and evaluation of regional transmission solutions for addressing regional transmission planning needs. This panel session will serve as a forum to help better understand the Order, learn about the inherent opportunities, potential implementation challenges and steps being taken by various entities towards achieving compliance. Also perspectives views of other regional and interregional entities as well as potential impacts will be discussed.

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