Innovations in Communications for Power Systems Part 1

05 Aug 2012
J. Mueller, M. Govndarasu, V.R. Vinnakota
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The panel's focus is on discussing the challenges, opportunities, innovations, and advances in power
systems communications. In particular, address the following aspects:

  • Communications, computing and control technologies, automation solutions and standards
  • System architecture and cyber security and privacy
  • Information sharing, decision algorithms, and visualization
  • Recent deployments of wide-Area Monitoring, Control and Protection
  • Communications - A Mission Critical Enabler for the Smart Distribution Network - W. D Hond
  • SCE Communication Architecture, Strategy, and Roadmap - H. Liu
  • Utility Communications Network Panning and Optimization - D. Borough
  • Ethernet Design for Teleprotection and Automation Requires a Return to First Principles to Improve First Response - D. Dolezilek
  • Smart Grid Security, Privacy, and Resilient Architectures: Opportunities and Challenges - M. Amin
  • Architecture and Security of Information and Communication Systems for Monitoring and Control of
  • Power Grids - C.-C. Liu
  • A project to Develop a Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) - P. Sauer
  • V. ROMERO, San Diego Gas and Electric
  • Standard Profile for Use of IEEE Standard 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Power

System Applications
Summary Changes in 2013 IEEE/IEC Dual Logo COMTRADE Standard
Synchrophasor Standards and Guides for the Smart Grid
K. MARTIN, Electric Power Group
Optimizing Wide Area Measurement System Architectures with Advancements in Phasor Data
Concentrators (PDCs)
M. KANABAR, GE Digital Energy
Wide-Area Backup Fault Protection with Synchrophasors
E. UDREN, Quanta Technology
Impact of IEC 61850 on the Interoperability and Reliability of Protection Schemes


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