Faster than Real-time Dynamics Simulation

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Computer Analytical Methods
A. Flueck, Illinois Institute of Technology
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Following Black out of Sep 08, 2011 in Southern California, recommendations in joint report of FERC/ NERC for improved reliable system operation included a) Exchanging next day operations data and sharing real time data which could impact reliability of their systems b) Transmission operators need to review their real-time monitoring tools, such as State Estimator (SE) and Real Time Contingency Analysis (RTCA) for reliable system operation. Sharing the data and using it provides opportunity to improve power grid reliability and also involves challenges with an added dimension of Optimized Market Operations and reliability of grid. Objective of this panel is to provide a platform for Utilities / transmission operators to share experiences of deficiencies in models, both externally and internally, model update processes, solutions to circumvent model inadequacies due to limited data sharing in the pursuit of for a better quality of solution from the tools of SE/RTCA.
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