14PESGM1219, Optimization Techniques for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Power Optimization Problems

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Computer Analytical Methods
C. Dent, Durham University, J. Lavaei, Columbia University
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Optimal power flow (OPF) algorithms form a key part of modern energy management systems, and are an active area of research in industry and academia. This Panel will bring together researchers from both these communities to survey the state of the art in both industry practice and academic research, identify the industry?s research and development needs and where new approaches developed by research organisations can find practical application, and identify how non-industry researchers can learn more about practical industrial methods and make their research more practically relevant. This last point is particularly significant, as while there is very considerable relevant expertise in academia, not all researchers have extensive knowledge of the solution methods and model formulations used in state of the art industrial OPF codes.
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