Adequacy of Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Reliability and Risk Analysis
W. Li, Chongqing University
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Slides: 125
Power system adequacy relates to the existence of sufficient facilities within the system to satisfy con- sumer load demands and system operational constraints under a variety of uncertainties in all normal and contingency states. For decades, system adequacy issues have been extensively investigated from a viewpoint of probabilistic reliability. However, new challenges appear as renewable energy sources are integrated into systems. These are associated with risk based methods, computing tools, and information collection and processing for adequacy evaluation in operation and planning of power systems and microgrids with randomly intermittent sources. The challenges are also associated with both theoretical and practical considerations such as geographical diversity, coordination between different intermittent sources, relationship between intermittent sources and storages, and other engineering problems. The purpose of this panel session is to bring some main contributors from different countries together to share their accomplishments in this area.

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