PQ Monitoring in the Era of the Smart Grid

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
Transmission and Distribution Committee
B. Howe, EPRI, F. Zavoda, IREQ
Page/Slide Count:
Slides: 94
Virtually all Smart Grid deployment concepts hinge on significant increases in the both the number of data sources and the frequency and detail of data flowing from those sources. Power quality has long relied on dedicated monitoring for most data, but that is beginning to change. However, there is a lack of knowledge and agreement on a number of aspects of the monitoring process, particularly as non-PQ devices continue to emerge as data sources. This Panel Session will address some application aspects of PQ monitoring including: Overview of PQ monitoring, Selection of monitoring locations, Selection of monitoring parameters, Presentation of PQ monitoring results, These presentations will be coordinated with the following major objectives of the monitoring activity: 1. Compliance verification, 2. Benchmarking/Performance analysis, 3. Site characterisation, 4. Troubleshooting, 5. Advanced applications and studies, 6. Active PQ management.

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