14PESGM2422, Value of Conventional Resources in the CAISO Market with Penetration of Intermittent Renewable Resources

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
Power System Planning and Implementation
J. Yan, Southern California Edison
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The following questions will be discussed to address the questions and challenges identified in the previ- ous year?s panel session. A. How do we define, quantify and estimate the need for flexibility in the short and long term? B. How the long-term capacity market (or equivalent non-market process) should be set up to incentivize appropriate grid-scale and distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency and demand response program investment that will lead to a flexible, sustainable, efficient and reliable power system? C. How should the DA/RT bmarket be redesigned to send appropriate price signal to resources that provide additional flexibility to accommodate increased penetration of intermittent resources? D. What role renewable resources could play in reducing the volatility in net load and needs for additional products that provide ?flexibility? to the system operator?

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