Robust Optimization in Power Systems: Recent Advances and Potential Applications´┐Ż

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
Power System Operations
A. Sun, Georgia Tech, T. Zheng, ISO New England
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Robust optimization (RO) has recently gained much attention in the power industry as a tool to assist decision making under various uncertainties caused by the integration of variable generation. The core concept of RO is to optimize the system performance in a controlled manner against the worst case sce- narios. Such a philosophy is indeed consistent with the current operating practice. Much progress has been made in applying RO to power systems operation, e.g. unit commitment, contingency modeling, transmission switching, etc. We believe RO can be applied to even broader ranges of problems in power systems. This panel aims to bring practitioners and academics together to review the most recent advances of RO in power systems, and to stimulate discussions on identifying broader ranges of applications of robust optimization in power systems. Potential topics: Recent advances of RO in power systems Potential applications in power system planning, investment, and markets

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