Transactive Energy Techniques for End-to-End Power System Operation

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Economic Systems
F. Rahimi, OATI, F. Bouffard, McGill University
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The Transactive Energy framework involves principles, techniques, technologies, and systems for active participation of electricity consumers, producers, and power system operators and energy market administrators in seamless end-to-end interactions for reliable, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly supply and utilization of electric energy. It is based on forward and spot transactions for supply, transport, and/or consumption of electricity between and among consumers, producers, energy service providers, aggregators, and system and market operators. Transaction quantities and/or prices may be fixed through bilateral arrangements, bid/ask matching, or a market clearing process at retail or whole- sale level. This panel examines the possibilities and limitations, as well as reliability and economic opportunities and risks, of extending the wholesale transactive operations to retail markets with a view to and End-to-End Transactive Operation Framework.

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