14PESGM0676, Implementation Methods for the European Day-Ahead Electricity Market Integration

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Economic Systems
E. Litvinov, ISO-New England
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Slides: 35
Market coordination and regional congestion management, also known as ?Seams issues?, are becoming one of the most important problems in the electricity markets, both in the USA and in Europe. Although the optimal power flow decomposition has been a subject of research for a long time, very little has been implemented in real systems. Because of this, the interties are underutilized and sometimes uneconomi- cally scheduled, affecting overall market efficiency. ISO?s/RTO?s in the USA are actively working on the designing market coordination algorithms, however there is no well established methodology on how to solve the problem, especially in LMP-based markets. The panel will discuss current state of the market coordination and possible directions for the future.

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