Grid Resilience: Modernization Strategies and Advanced Power System Operations

01 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
Power System Operations
D. Ton, U.S. Department of Energy, J. Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
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Slides: 94
Severe weather and climate events have wreaked widespread outages in recent years, causing significant damage to the economy and society. Grid resilience encompasses the ability to prepare for, with- stand, and recover from disruptions to electricity delivery. Achieving grid resiliency requires development of resiliency metrics and new or enhanced electric system designs, planning, operations, and control, as well as adoption of microgrids for protecting critical loads and for serving as a grid resource for fast restoration and recovery. This panel session will feature presentations by leading researchers in reliability and resiliency of electric power systems from NERC, DOE national laboratories, and universities. The session will begin with an overview of transmission and distribution system resiliency, followed by presen- tations on project activities focusing on addressing resiliency of distribution grid, where a great majority of outages from climate events takes place. Further, the planning process and progress for a new DOE pro- gram initiative on resilient electric distribution R&D will be introduced.

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