Extreme Events and Disaster Management ? Global Perspective (panel)

01 Aug 2014
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Energy Development and Power Generation
J. McConnach, IEEE, S. Mukhopadhyay, GTBIT, GGSIP University
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Natural Disaster Preparedness, Planning and Response is one of the Key Topics for GM2014. Preparing for, responding to, coping with and managing the aftermath of Disasters due to the Extreme Events of Climate Change and other causes is receiving much attention. This is particularly important for less developed countries where the resources and infra-structure for dealing with such events are limited. This session will focus on experiences, developments and lessons learned from Extreme Events in various parts of the world, thus hopefully contributing to improvements to Disaster Mitigation and Management Measures and Practices (DMMMP), to minimize destruction and disruption impacts and fatalities. This will include such measures as Storm Proofing, System Hardening and Safe Posture measures, Emergency Preparedness Plans, Post Event System Response, Repair and Restoration Management Practices, Customer Communication Innovations, and Lessons Learned from Recent Extreme Events.
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