Innovative Curricula to Improve Enrolment in Power and Energy Systems

01 Aug 2014
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Power & Energy Education Committee
S. Islam, Curtin University
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Universities world-wide are experiencing a revival in power programs. Thanks to increased hiring of power graduates, University?s are providing resources to power programs for development of a smart, tech-savvy grid. However, there is concern about the quality of students entering power programs. Key issues are: top local students are attracted to other disciplines by better job prospects and starting salaries; increases in less academically strong international students; lack of awareness of power industry careers; perception that electrical engineering is too difficult, too mathematical, and less interesting! The quality of intake is bound to impact the quality of graduates. This will impact the industry supply chain and tarnish the image of power programs. We must address this issue through innovative teaching, embedding real life examples, bursaries, outreach activities, tours etc. This session presents innovative approaches adopted by Universities world-wide to attract top quality students in power programs.
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