Shunt-Based Current Sensing with ∆Σ-Modulation in Inverters

Shunt-Based Current Sensing with ∆Σ-Modulation in Inverters
Posted: 1 Jun 2017
Matthias Hilpert
Tobias Wolff
Time: 00:40:25

This webinar discusses the following:

  • Facts, advantages, and challenges of traditional CT current sensing solutions vs. shunt-based current sensing solutions
  • Explaining the ASIC of a shunt-based current sensing solution
  • Parameters that influence the accuracy of a measurement system and procedures to keep those influences low
  • ∆Σ-Modulation Principle
  • Delta Sigma modulation and its advantages
  • ∆Σ-modulator output vs. measured current value
  • Processing a 1-bit data stream with decimation filters and converting it into a readable digital value
  • Showcase Measurement Demonstration
  • Configuring filter settings
  • The effects of filter settings and oversampling rates on the current sensing output signal shown in an experimental setup

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