Reaching Success Through Mentoring and US Relationships

Reaching Success Through Mentoring and US Relationships
Posted: 9 Jun 2017
Karen Butler Purry, Julie Bernicker,Kristen Mahan,Rakeem Mosey
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
Time: 00:41:53

Do you find yourself stuck but hoping for a promotion, a new job, or admission into a new college program? Climbing the educational and/or career ladder often has more to do with who you know and what you know about advancement than how intelligent you are. Lacking the right relationships and the right resources could leave you stuck and confused. This webinar will educate on the value of the right relationships, and on the career resources that the IEEE offers to both members and non-members for advancement. In other words, learn how you can reach success by utilizing career resources and understanding the value of mentorship and relationships.

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