Business Strategies for Power Distribution Companies (Spanish version)

Business Strategies for Power Distribution Companies (Spanish version)
Posted: 18 Jan 2017
Consuela Duenas
Time: 00:47:36

Over the last three decades, the concept of strategy has evolved from focusing mostly on increasing market share and on benchmarking competitor's best practices, most of the time at the expense of profit, to a concept of value creation for the clients and new market opportunities for the company, beyond established competitive borders. In parallel, the global power market faces increasing challenges as result of the evolution from a unilateral system managed by incumbents to an integrated, almost worldwide, network with new players on the scene.

Given this dynamic scenario, companies need to revise how to leverage new market contexts, rethink their business strategies and plan for sustainable growth, redefine financial structures and manage the expansion of distribution networks in compliance with evolving environmental regulations. This talk aims to provide an overview of current strategy models.

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