Impact of Alternate Gases on Existing IEEE Standards

Impact of Alternate Gases on Existing IEEE Standards
Posted: 1 Jun 2018
IEEE PES Alternate Gases Task Force
Primary Committee:
IEEE PES Switchgear Committee
Pages: 136

In April 2016, an IEEE Task Force on Alternative gases was formed under ADSCOM subcommittee of IEEE Switchgear Committee. Several IEEE Substation committee representatives joined the task force in partnership. The scope of this task force included the following:
(1) To investigate the existing Alternative Gases;
(2) Review IEEE Switchgear and Substation standards;
(3) Coordinate work with other organizations (CIGRE, IEC, NEMA, etc.);
(4) Create a report to IEEE switchgear and Substation standard committees.

A team of 25 international experts was formed and collaboratively worked on this report.

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