Volume 6: Issue 3: Opening the Box of Energy Storage

Volume 6: Issue 3: Opening the Box of Energy Storage
Posted: 28 Dec 2018
Pages: 76

IEEE Electrification Magazine is dedicated to disseminating information on all matters related to microgrids onboard electric vehicles, ships, trains, planes, and off-grid applica-tions. Microgrids refer to an electric network in a car, a ship, a plane or an electric train, which has a limited number of sources and multiple loads. Off-grid applications include small scale electricity sup-ply in areas away from high voltage power net-works. Feature articles focus on advanced con-cepts, technologies, and practices associated with all aspects of electrification in the transportation and off-grid sectors from a technical perspective in synergy with nontechnical areas such as business, environmental, and social concerns.

In this issue from September 2018:

- A Robust Batter-Management System

- Testing Large Storage Systems

- Batteries in an Electric Fleet

- Storage in Arctic Communities

- Integrating Storage and Electic Vehicles

- Electric Machines and Storage

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